Aquarium Design

All projects start with just an idea or an empty space in a room. You simply provide some measurements or we can come and view the space and we will decide the most efficient way to light, heat and filter the aquarium and ensure it is visually stunning.


The fun part! Depending on the size, your aquarium will either be delivered and installed or built onsite. Prior to the aquarium being filled, all the plumbing and electrics will be installed and tested.

Most aquariums can be fitted in place within a couple of days. Whilst fish can’t be added immediately, we are able to lightly stock a tank within 48 hours of it being installed. Fully stocked aquariums will take a couple more weeks as water parameters need to be checked before we can safely increase the quantity of fish. The days of waiting weeks for the aquarium to mature, are over – thankfully!

Aquarium Maintenance

Ok, so your aquarium now looks amazing and you want everyone to see it but there is no point in having a stunning fish tank unless you keep it looking that way, right?

That’s why we offer a bespoke maintenance plan to ensure that your new aquarium and fish are always looking their best. We offer regular services which typically take around 1-2 hours (depending on aquarium size). In between maintenance services, all you have to worry about is feeding the fish. Well,actually, you don’t even have to worry about that either, as we can install automatic fish food dispensers too!

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